Ajuawak Kapashesit
April 10, 2018
Dale Hunter
April 28, 2018

Paul C Grenier

Cody Kidd

From The Director – When I first met Paul my impression was that he was extremely down to earth, honest and sincere. What didn’t realize was how damn funny he was going to be.  In all our long days on set, I never once saw his energy or sense of humour cool off.  Cody is Hank’s cousin, best friend and side-kick. He is an extrovert, sometimes a little too much of an extrovert. He has broad shoulders, big arms and is very into his body and working out.  Relatively conflict-free, he is the Sundance Kidd to Hank’s Butch Cassidy. Cody enjoys life, lives for the moment, says what is on his mind and is fiercely loyal to Hank. Cody is the comic foil for Hank, who is the straight man. We get the feeling that without Hank as his “partner in crime” Cody would be a little lost. He is up for anything that Hank is as long as it’s dangerous, there are girls involved or the possibility of easy money.


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Current Projects

Fairly new to acting, Paul has already had some very impressive roles! He has had roles in television series Blackstone, The Killing, as well as Colony and Salvation which are both currently in production.

He also has his YouTube channel – Moving_piKtures, a review comedy channel taking YouTube by storm. Watch Predacon Paul and Decepticon Doug talk about movies, video games, and pop culture from their childhood and today. Their comedic rapport and genuine insight give their shows a unique flavour and undeniable charm.

Check out his YouTube channel here!