Evan Adams
May 3, 2018

Jordyn White

Katie Blood

From The Director – Jordyn White is from the Kikino Metis Settlement in Northern Alberta. Well known from her role on the TV show Blackstone, in Indian Road Trip she plays Katie Blood, Hank’s mostly angry girlfriend. She had the very difficult job of conveying the conflicting feelings of being at once in love with Hank, and being really angry with him. And she had to do this within an hour of arriving on set and having never met Ajuawack Kapashesit who plays Hank. She’ s an actress that is continuing to get a lot of attention and I believe has a big acting career to look forward to. She was a real treat to work with.



Current Projects

While a passion for acting keeps Jordyn busy with current tv and film projects, she also is dedicated to her career in social work. Jordyn works as a teaching assistant for a school where there is a high population of Indigenous students. She also has at her young age has worked as a Crisis Intervention Worker at a transitional home in the inner city of Edmonton as well as an emergency shelter for women who have been victims of domestic violence.

Active in the film and television scene in Western Canada awhile supporting fellow actors and writers throughout Alberta, Jordyn is a true role model to other young Indigenous women in the industry. Earlier this year, she was a special guest speaker at the Kikino Metis Settlement’s first annual youth conference, where she talked about the importance of youth surrounding themselves with positive people, and finding mentors and positive role models they can look up to.