Paul Grenier
April 22, 2018
Evan Adams
May 3, 2018

Dale Hunter

Hetta Yellow Fly

From The Director –  I was so pleased that Dale Hunter agreed to play Hetta.  Dale is one the kindest and most generous people that I ever met.  Even though her character is crusty and ornery, the audience has an inkling that underneath that tough exterior Hetta really is a wise and delightful soul.  As I wrote the script I got to know and respect Hetta.  Hetta has a deep, quiet strength and meets every obstacle in her path with dignity.  As the film progresses we discover her selflessness. She puts aside all that she is to protect those that she loves. She is also very funny. 


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Current Projects

The Family Knot Nuts

Dale is currently working on a coproduction web series with Warren P on the web series Family Knot Nuts (FKN TV) showcases fictional Saturday morning news broadcasts from woodsy Turpentine Turn. Situated in a bog somewhere along the Canadian / American border the village’s exact country of origin remains dependent on whether or not the beavers have damned the river again “n shoved ‘er over a smidge”. Amongst her numerous other roles and duties Dale Hunter plays Esther the cleaning lady, a local lady of Metis heritage who provides the voice of reason to counter news anchor Cory Bobaninski-Sleutheson (CoryBob). Amongst his numerous other roles and duties Warren Persowich plays the dispirited Corybob. With his hope of a network gig long gone Corybob has descended to the unchecked outpost of Turpentine Turn to spin the news exactly as he sees fit, an assumption that surely would have been met if not for Esther.