Ajuawak Kapashesit

Hank Crow Eyes

Minneapolis, Minnesota

A relative newcomer to the world of acting, Ajuawak Kapashesit has been performing in film, television and theatre since the fall of 2015. Since then, he has written, directed, and starred in a number of productions both onscreen and onstage. In early 2017, Ajuawak starred in the award-winning short Shinaab directed by Lyle Mitchell Corbine, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. This fall, in addition to Indian Road Trip, he can be seen in another independent film Ahockalypse. He will also appear as the lead in the upcoming adaptation of Indian Horse based on the book by late author Richard Wagamese. Outside of acting, Ajuawak is a trained linguist who focuses on language revitalization and documentation.

Paul C Grenier

Cody Kidd

Vancouver British, Columbia

Born Elvis Paul Grenier, as one of a pair of fraternal twins in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, his first role in film came at the very tender age of 4 in Look Who’s Talking Too. Growing up posed some unique challenges for Paul. separated from his twin brother, confused about his identity and while making his way through different foster homes, Paul adapted by creating new identities, some were super fast, some were super strong and others called a well known starship, Enterprise home. Paul eventually landed in Calgary Alberta wherein he would plant his roots and put his identities away, he found his brother, he found his home he was ready to find, himself. Paul started with background performing on the hit TV show Heartland wherein the seed of creativity, untouched for years was ready to blossom. After a Year of deliberation Paul made his ultimate sacrifice, he decided to leave all his friends and family, he set out to Vancouver British Columbia where he attended the New Image College of Fine Arts. Paul’s seed grew into a powerful tree, each branch an experience, each leaf a character, It’s roots deep. The tree is strong, dealt with drought, dealt with storms filled with doubt. Ready to move, to replant and roam his tree once a seed is now his home. His credits include TV shows The Killing, Blackstone and seasons 1 and 2 of BBC’s Jamestown. His future projects include Cw’s The 100, The Flash and Supernatural.

Dale Hunter

Hetta Yellow Fly

Vancouver, British Columbia

Dale was raised in a Metis family and it was within that family that her love for performance bloomed. Her mother, Olive Goulet, supported herself and Dale playing piano professionally. During the 1930's, Robert, her grandfather recorded his old-time fiddle talents with RCA and the family formed a musical group called Red River Echos that entertained during their weekly radio program. Dale’s appreciation of her true inheritance is in the understanding that her mother’s amazing talent came from her grandfather and his parents and grandparents before him. For Dale, finding a way to move forward requires understanding our past -connecting with the story. That story is all our inheritance and it is discovered through the arts, music, painting, and drama. Professionally she worked as an office manager and bookkeeper while raising two children as a single mother. A grandmother now, Dale discovered her passion for acting in class with Dorothy Koch and (more recently) with Marc Gaudet. She has worked in production as an accountant and assistant. In addition to various commercial work. Her TV and Film credits include Drift Softly, Coffee at Laundromat, Ariel Unraveling, Generation Y, Run, Crockett, A Legend Is Born, Two/One and of now, Indian Road Trip.

Evan Adams

Casper Many Words

Powell River, British Columbia

Evan Tlesla II Adams is a Coast Salish actor and physician from the Tla’amin First Nation near Powell River, BC, Canada. Evan stars as Thomas Builds-The-Fire in ShadowCatcher Entertainment’s Smoke Signals written by Sherman Alexie and directed by Chris Eyre. He also won Best Actor awards from the American Indian Film Festival, and from First Americans in the Arts, and a 1999 Independent Spirit Award for ‘Best Debut Performance’. He won a 2011 Gemini Award for co-hosting the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards along with Adam Beach. Aside from his career in the arts, Evan has completed a Medical Doctorate from the University of Calgary in 2002, and a residency in the Aboriginal Family Practice program at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, BC. Dr. Adams has a Masters of Public Health (2009) from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. He was the first-ever Aboriginal Health Physician Advisor in the Office of the Provincial Health Officer, BC Ministry of Health (2007-2012). He was the Deputy Provincial Health Officer for the province of BC from 2012 to 2014. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer of the First Nations Health Authority

Jordyn White

Katie Blood

Edmonton, Alberta

Jordyn White is a 24 year old Indigenous female from the Kikino Metis Settlement in Northern Ab. With spending a lot of her time within the modelling scene of Edmonton, Ab. and onstage during her dance and theatre days during school, she gained the love of performing. It was her family member, Stephanie Harpe and Jeff McGinnis with Shape Shifters Talent, that saw the potential in her as a professional performer. With her family's love and ongoing support, she landed an audition with APTN’s Blackstone Season 3. Walking away without a landed role or callback, Jordyn just continued on with her studies and with her horses. A few weeks later she would receive a phone call with a small speaking role as Girl #3. When Seasons 4 & 5 of Blackstone rolled around Jordyn’s character as Trisha Roy developed. The role spoke out about the hardships of Indigenous youth on reservations and soon, the terrifying reality of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman. It was with this role that Jordyn would receive her first award nomination and her first award win. She won the AMPIA Rosie award 2016 for Best Performance by an Alberta Actress for Episode 5 - The River’s Edge, and soon realized her true potential to share heartfelt stories with others! While pursuing her dreams, Jordyn is also working full-time as an Educational Assistant within a middle school that is highly populated with Indigenous peoples. Here she works with grade 7 & 8 youth. Her goals - To continue being a storyteller and to further her education within the Social Work field; where both of these can change the lives of so many!

Miika Whiskeyjack

Precious Crow-Eyes

Edmonton, Alberta

Miika is originally from Saddle Lake Cree Nation. At just 13 years old, she is already an accomplished actor/dancer/voice-over artist. Miika got her start at 7 years old when she landed her first ever audition for the award- winning Canadian drama series Blackstone as the character Wendy Bull. Miika was then brought back for another four seasons. Miika also made her feature film debut in Rhymes for Young Ghouls, directed by Jeff Barnaby. She was flown out to Montreal Quebec for filming. An experience she says has been one of her greatest memories thus far. Other works include lending her voice to the Lalaloopsy animations as Fairy Z, multiple commercials and multi-media projects as well as public speaking.She was also selected as one of the youth actors for Dreamspeakers Film Festival film for future promotion of youth in film for the festival. Miika found her passion in dance. She trains and competes year-round in tap, jazz, ballet and is also involved in cheerleading. Miika says she values the support she receives from her peers and family. She holds her Cree roots close to her and also dances her cultural dance of fancy shawl at pow wows in the summer months. What she loved most about the industry are the relationships she’s gained. She states - I like that I can have fun with my friends while learning a new craft. I feel it comes all together as one because you have to be able to perform for an audience and it gets my heart pumping. I love the feedback I get so I can get better at what I do. I want to help the community as I get older. Also, helping my younger brother in school so he can keep his grades up, while I’m keeping my grades up. I see myself trying to do more acting and travelling. Miikas hopes and dreams are that she aspires to be successful and one day have a family with a beautiful home and that we’re healthy. To travel the world with my family and keep those cultural traditions up.

Ross Munro


Vancouver, British Columbia

Born and raised in the snowy climes of Winnipeg, Canada, Ross initially harbored boyhood dreams of becoming a professional hockey player but, upon the painful realization that he neither had the bruising physique/or dangling ability of an NHL hopeful, he quickly turned his attention towards the less injurious career of acting and filmmaking. A self-described movie rat, Ross spent his childhood skulking around vintage movie houses every Saturday sitting through the latest Chuck Bronson or Raquel Welch flicks from the first matinee until nightfall- sometimes sitting through movies three times over. After staggering out of the cinema bleary-eyed and popcorn-gorged, Ross would take one last loving glance at the lobby cards displayed outside the theatre entrance and realize that someway/somehow he had to make movies! After graduating from the Film & Production Program at Humber College in Toronto, Ross ended up moving to the rainy tropics of Vancouver to pursue his cinematic dreams. He eventually wrote and directed and…gulp…funded his first feature film “Brewster McGee”- a dark comedy about the twin dangers of obsessive friendship and fast-food chicken. And then, of course, life had a funny way of striking- as Ross ended up meeting his Venezuelan wife-to-be, Maria, as a study partner while taking a night course in Spanish (the importance of properly ordering a margarita cannot be overstated…). A successful graphic designer in her native Caracas, Maria eventually took the plunge into being a movie producer thus sealing her fate as one half of the newly formed Munro/Munro moviemaking power couple. Now also fresh from studying acting for nearly five years, Ross (teaming with Maria of course) went on to make the short doc “Broken Palace” which, amongst its many festival appearances, made its debut at the prestigious Vancouver Int’l Film Fest in 2014. And immediately after this, they went on to make their 70’s inspired homage to buddy films, “A Legacy of Whining”- written, directed and starring Ross. Currently, Ross and Maria are excited about their upcoming slate of film projects together- no word yet on whether Ross has been offered a training camp try-out with an NHL team…

Rob McEachern


Vancouver, British Columbia

As a class clown who had even the teachers laughing Rob was encouraged by many close to him to pursue Acting. While studying the craft under many great teachers such as John Cassini, Bill Marchant, and Matthew Lillard Rob discovered he had a knack for not just comedic acting but for drama as well. After graduating from the Acting for Film & Television program at Vancouver Film School and self proclaiming his newfound title as "An Artist" Rob went on to make appearances on such shows as The Magicians & FOX's The Family as well as a variety of commercials many of which were landed from his aforementioned class clown antics. Rob is currently dividing his time between theatres and malls waiting to be discovered whilst only responding to those who acknowledge him as an artist. He has a small Pug/Chihuahua named Rupert whom he runs lines with.

Nathan Alexis

Junior Cardinal

Vancouver, British Columbia

Nathan got his first taste at film-making at the very young age of just 6. Nathan's father owns a production company called SGWE productions, who produce documentaries, short films and music recordings. At just 6 years old, Nathan had made his first short film called Save The Day. At 13 years old. Nathan was one of the youths selected to take part in the Dreamspeakers on Tour film festival. (DOT) Youth take part in a film-making tour where they learn about filming, script writing, editing followed by creating their own film. In his first year Nathan placed 3rd place with his anti-drug PSA called Rewind. He surpassed that 4 years later when he placed 1st with his comedy shorts. A recent graduate of Vancouver Film School in the 3D Animation and Visual Effects program Nathan works to expand his knowledge and experience in the film industry. Nathan's ultimate goal is to be a successful indigenous filmmaker. To bring the story's of his people to life and some stories of his own. Continually striving to learn, act, write, direct and work hard behind the camera till it almost becomes muscle memory. To continue to grow and move forward, and hopefully to bring his people along on his journey through the film industry!